CuboiD enables partners in China, Asia Pacific, Europe and South America to achieve their business goals and personal ambitions.

Partner area
Real time visibility. Control and accuracy.
  • Business operations
    Market maturity drives up Cost Per Acquisition (CPA). Competition and aggressive bonus policies drive down Life Time Value (LTV). Winback programs drive up CRM costs. Wouldn’t it be good to simply serve a great product that your customers love and you can operate seamlessly?
  • Customers demand changes
    Customers are increasingly bored with undifferentiated services and suppliers.
    Efficiency means understanding the market and acting decisively – without delay or complications. Surely you should focus your customer directly on the traded assets?
  • Technical performance
    David Ogilvy (1911-1999) said “It seems to me you should use their language, the language in which they think.” That means multi-locale, multi-currency, multi-asset and multi-tenant. It means fast, reliable customisation. Is it time to talk?
  • Risk management
    Focus on impact, and just do it. To avoid risk is to guarantee failure. People that do things are the deciders, and they must be fully informed.
    People that don’t do things decide nothing.
    Simple is difficult. Easy creates a mess.
  • Market maturity
    The High Yield Investment Products (HYIP) industry sector is not growing. Rising tides lift all ships. Where are the rising tides? The new products?
  • Regulatory position
    Cuboid Logic offers software and services to companies that are appropriately regulated. Regulated and safe. Protected customer funds.


Markets in Financial
Instruments Directive

FSMA 2000

Financial Services and
Markets Act 2000

RISK WARNING: Please note that Range CFDs trading entails substantial risk of loss, and may not be suitable to everyone. Trading could lead to loss of your investment capital, please ensure you understand the risks involved.



Range CFDs are a foreign exchange financial instrument used for clear, fast and intuitive online trading. You can see the maximum potential return before investing, and your losses cannot exceed your investment.

Place a cube on the chart to represent the price range and the time range of your trade, select the size of your investment, and trade.

Your CFD will then move to the left, as time progresses, and you see whether the price indeed does go through your CFD.

Your investment return grows, the longer the price is inside your CFD cube.

  • If the price goes all the way through your cube, your return is the maximum potential return.
  • If the price only partly goes through your cube, you pro rata make a smaller return.
  • If the price misses your cube entirely, you do not make a return on your investment.
  • <200ms

  • 100+

  • 24/7

Internet network performance may affect the time taken to provide your quotes. Some instruments may not be available all the time. Trading availability is subject to availability of market prices, which are a blend of exchange prices and off-exchange prices (nights and weekends). All CFD availability is subject to change as set out by Cuboid Logic Ltd.